Expert gas, water and electric utility connections

Stats Utility Connections Ltd specialise in providing a first class connections service. With so much confusion in the energy market it is little wonder customers find it difficult to get connected.

Using Stats means that you can get your connection put in whilst you shop around for the best rates for your actual energy supply contract. It does not matter who supplies your energy we can get the work done.

Once you have decided on a supplier simply let us know and we can then sort out the installation of your meter and get your service live. This is good for you as most shippers or suppliers want to charge for your connection and then charge you a premium for your supply once it’s installed.

Make changing supplier easier

If you have a number of premises and changing supplier is made complicated by having to stop a connection with one supplier and then restart the process with a new supplier, then Stats has the answer. By using Stats to do your connections work you can change supplier as often as your contracts allow with no fuss. Simply keep us up to date with your new suppliers details and we will ensure that they pick up the meter and bill you for the energy you use.

Request your tailored quote today

Requesting the service couldn’t be easier simply complete one of our application forms and email to us. You can include a drawing in either *.dwg, *.pdf or other format or send us a drawing by post. we will then go ahead and get you a quotation.

Once accepted we will keep you informed of progress and make sure any problems are resolved. You should have a timely connection with little input from yourselves.

We are happy to visit you and go through the service we offer. Leaving you free to get the best deal for your energy and avoid being tied into long term expensive supply contracts.

Use Stats Utility Connections Ltd for your connections and let the supply companies fight for your energy business..